Burger King Breakfast Hours | What Time does Burger King Close?

Burger King, known for being the second-largest fast-food hamburger chain in the world serves amazing breakfast during the Burger King breakfast time. The Burger King Breakfast Hours is being served by BK outlets in America since 1979, leading to its popularity over time. Here’s everything you need to know about Burger King Breakfast Hours.

Burger King Breakfast Hours

Some frequently asked questions about Burger King Breakfast Hours: –

  • What time does Burger King start serving breakfast?
  • When does Burger King stop serving breakfast?
  • Does Burger King serve breakfast all day?
  • What time does Burger King close?

Here, we would be answering all these questions, along with other additional information about Burger King.

Burger King Breakfast Hours – Details

Monday – Friday6 am to 10:30 am
Saturday- Sunday7 am to 11 am
For more information/ online orderhttps://www.bk.com/

The starting time of the Burger King breakfast hours might vary a little according to the location of the particular outlet. It is always advised that you look upon the official website to know the time of operation of a specific outlet.

Does Burger King Serve Breakfast All Day?

No, Burger King does not serve its breakfast menu throughout the day. There are items from the breakfast menu that some of the outlets continue serving in the subsequent Lunch hours which start right after the breakfast hours.

However, in a few locations, Burger King may serve some of its breakfast items in Lunch time. But this is only in a selective location for which you need to use the locator on the Burger King website and get the detailed information.

Burger King Breakfast Hours Menu

The extensive list of Burger King Breakfast Hours menu will make you wonder a while as it includes almost all varieties of American breakfast items. Let us look into it in detail.

Items Description
1. Burger King Whopper Jr.Filled with a flame-grilled patty is a delicious sesame bun topped with tomatoes, onions, pickles, lettuce leaves. Creamy mayo and ketchup further enhance the taste.
2. Breakfast SandwichThe Breakfast time burgers are called Croissin’wich. You get the following varieties: –
Cheesy Caramelized Onion Croissan’wich
Beefacon Croissan’wich
Mushroom Swiss beef croissan’wich
Chicken strips Croissan’wich
3. Burger King’s Egg-normous BurritoThe enormous burrito consists of hash browns, eggs, sausage, with added cream sauce and cheddar cheese.
4. Burger King’s fully loaded BiscuitFilled with smoked bacon and American cheese and other lip-smacking ingredients is the fully loaded biscuit
5. French Toast SticksThe long, crunchy toast sticks come with dipping sugary syrup
6. Hash BrownsThe soft and round potatoes are good to go with items.
7. Burger King’s Pancake PlatterRound, fluffy and soft pancakes are healthy and quite reasonable to go for.
8. DrinksIf you happen to visit BK Café, you will get a whole range of quality coffees. But any outlet of Burger King would also have some of those to serve as a part of the breakfast menu: –
BK café caramel frappe
BK café coffee

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When does Burger King Stop Serving Breakfast?

Burger King stops serving its breakfast menu at 10:30 am. The breakfast hours are shortly followed by the Lunch hours and then Dinner hours. On weekends the breakfast hours are slightly extended to 11 am. However, this depends on the location of the particular Burger King outlet.

What Time Does Burger King Close?

The outlets close by 12 am on all days. A handful of Taco Burger King outlets remain open 24 hours. For more information, one can use the restaurant locator by visiting the app or the website link mentioned before.

You can not only locate the desired outlet but can also know the detailed timings of its drive-through hours and dine-in hours.


BK breakfast hours are simply the best for burger lovers and also for those who love having yummy coffees along with chewing delicious burgers. We hope the information provided was helpful to you.

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