Sonic Breakfast Hours | Does Sonic Serve Breakfast All Day?

Sonic breakfast hours feature some of the healthy and rich breakfast items, drinks and combos. The Sonic drive-in locations are also famous around America where one can grab the Sonic Breakfast Menu.

Sonic Breakfast Hours

Here’s is everything you need to know about Sonic breakfast hours.

Some frequently asked questions about Sonic Breakfast Hours: –

  • When does Sonic stop serving breakfast?
  • Does Sonic serve breakfast all day?
  • When does Sonic close?

Here, we would be answering to all these questions, along with other additional information about Sonic.

Sonic Breakfast Hours – Details

Monday – Friday6:00 am
Saturday- Sunday7:00 am
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The hours of operation might vary from one location to the other but one thing is for sure that all the Sonic outlets are open 27/7. You can visit and go to the “Locations” tab to find your nearest outlet and know about the serving time.

Does Sonic Serve Breakfast All Day?

Yes, Sonic does serve the breakfast menu all day long. The breakfast menu is available even at 12 midnight.  

Sonic Breakfast menu

The Sonic Breakfast times feature the incredible Sonic Breakfast Menu. Let us see what the menu consists of.   

Items Description
1. Breakfast BurritoThe burritos form an integral part of Sonic Breakfast Hours menu. Following are the types of burritos available: –

Supersonic Breakfast Burrito – Wrapped within a flour tortilla you get rich sausage, tater tots, onions, tomatoes and accompanied with cheese.
Jr. Breakfast Burrito – This is also a part of the Everyday Value Menu for $1. This classic burrito comes on an eight-inch tortilla filled with sausage, egg and cheese.
Others – The other burritos come mainly in two forms- one with bacon and the other with sausage wrapped in a flour tortilla accompanies with egg and cheese.
2. Breakfast Sandwiches and moreThis part includes tasty sandwiches, toasts and biscuits –

Croissonic – the special flaky and buttery item from Sonic let you have a choice of sausage or bacon, along with egg and melted cheese.

Bacon, egg and cheese breakfast toaster sandwich sausage, egg and cheese breakfast toaster sandwich.

Sausage Biscuit dippers –
three mini biscuits are serves with sausage sandwiched in between. Country gravy is added to it to give a complete texture.  
3. Breakfast CombosThe breakfast combos are serves with coffee, Tater tots or soft drinks. Let us look into the types of combos available and what comes with each one of them: –

Supersonic Breakfast Burrito Combo – the supersonic burrito served with a choice of French fries or Tater tots and a drink. Additional salsa is also provided on being asked.
Breakfast Burrito Combo – You can choose a burrito of either sausage, bacon or ham which will be provided with egg and cheese-filled inside. French fries or tater tots, drink and salsa is served in this combo.
Breakfast Bistro Combo – On a soft Ciabatta bun comes to egg and cheese with your choice of bacon, sausage or ham. Served with French fries, tater tots and salsa.
Breakfast Toaster Combo – Fresh Texas Toast served with your choice of ham, bacon or sausage along with French fries or tater tots and a drink.
French Toast Sticks Combo – served with dipping syrup comes four immensely delicious and thick French toast sticks.
4. French Toast SticksFour thick French toast sticks, golden in colour are served with thick and with syrup for dipping.
5. Fresh apple slices Served with non-fat caramel dipping sauce, this can be an ideal start to your healthy morning diet.
6. Morning DrinksThe Sonic Breakfast hours menu features a separate section dedicated to only drinks. Here are the drinks which can be ordered: –

Minute Maid Juice – comes in three different flavours Orange, Cranberry and Apple. Available in both regular and large sizes.
Real fruit smoothies – available in flavours such as orange, coconut, strawberry, banana and pineapple.
Sunshine smoothie
Sonic Sunrise
Milk and chocolate milk
Premium roast coffee
7. Kid’s BreakfastThe best thing for kids is to give them something healthy. Hence, apple slices + French toast sticks.

Happy Hour Meal: Sonic Half Price Drinks & Slushes

When does Sonic stop serving breakfast?

Probably the best thing about Sonic is that it never ceases to serve its breakfast menu, that is to say, that Sonic Breakfast Hours are extended from 6:00 am till 12:00 at night. Sonic serves all its menu at all times of its hours of operation. The breakfast Timings are shortly followed by the Lunch Menu.

What Time Does Sonic Close?

Most of the outlets usually stay open 24×7. Customers can walk-in any time to grab food. Sonic outlets might choose to serve till 12 midnight and start again at 6:00 am.

 For more information, one can use the restaurant locator by visiting the website link of mentioned before.


Sonic Breakfast menu is highly impressive and healthy. Sonic has been known for its years of good service to its customers. We highly recommend the Breakfast Hours and hope the information provided were useful to you.

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