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Jack’s have been popular through the years for its hamburgers and fries. In addition to these, Jack’s has also managed to serve other well-liked American-styled food items, a major portion of which features the Jack’s Breakfast menu.

Jack's Breakfast Hours

Some frequently asked questions about Jack’s Breakfast Hours: –

  • Does serve Jack’s breakfast all day?
  • When does Jack’s stop serving breakfast?
  • What time does Jack’s stop serving breakfast?
  • What time does Jack’s close?

Here, we would be answering all these questions, along with other additional information about Jack’s.

Jack’s Breakfast Hours – Details

Days Time
Monday – Saturday5:00 am to 11:00 am
Sunday6:00 am to 11:00 am
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The starting time of Jack’s breakfast hours might vary a little according to the location of the particular outlet. Usually, most of the outlets go by the timings of operations as stated. You can find out more about a specific outlet by visiting Jack’s official website and clicking on ‘Find a Jack’s.

Does Jack’s Serve Breakfast All Day?

No, Jack’s does not serve its breakfast menu throughout the day. Previously, it used to serve all-day breakfast menu but now the breakfast hours end at 11:00 am every day. However, a few selective outlets might continue serving items from the breakfast menu even after the stipulated Jack’s breakfast hours.

Jack’s Breakfast Hours Menu

Jack’s breakfast time features a range of American breakfast items. Jack’s breakfast hours menu focuses on providing a number of options when it comes to biscuits. Let us look into more details of it.

Breakfast DeluxeThis is a deluxe platter featuring the Southern favourites. It includes two scrambled eggs, hash browns, buttermilk biscuit and grits. You can choose from your own choice of meat.
Breakfast SpecialThis is yet another full appetizing combination of breakfast items that can boost you up instantly. It includes two scrambled eggs, buttermilk biscuit and homestyle grits. Savoury sausage gravy is added to enhance the taste and of course with this dish too, you get a choice of sausage patties or crispy bacon.
Big Breakfast SandwichThis Sandwich is rich in calories, carbs and proteins. The big breakfast sandwich features two pieces of Texas toast, within which eggs, cheese, mayo and your choice of sausage or bacon are included.
Breakfast BiscuitsJack’s biscuits are appreciated and is available in a whole lot of varieties.
Ham Biscuit
Bacon Biscuit
Battered Biscuit
Sausage Biscuit
Steak Biscuit
Chicken Biscuit
Sausage, Egg & Cheese Biscuit
Smoked Sausage Biscuit
Double Gravy Biscuit
Bologna Biscuit
Breakfast WrapWithin a toasty tortilla, scrambled eggs and cheese are wrapped up along with your choice of savoury sausage or crispy bacon. Served warm and fresh.
Biscuits & GravyThis dish features a buttermilk biscuit that is made from scratch. In addition, the biscuit is dampened in savoury sausage gravy.
Hash BrownsRound potatoes served fresh which are not only toasty, light and crunchy but are also every bite worthy.
PancakesThree round, fluffy and warm pancakes served with delicious syrup on top can totally make your day.

One can also get Breakfast Combo which would feature one among the breakfast biscuits along with hash browns and a drink.

When does Jack’s Stop Serving Breakfast?

Jack’s stops serving its breakfast menu at 11:00 am. The breakfast hours are shortly followed by the Lunch hours.

What Time Does Jack’s Close?

The outlets close by 10:00 p.m. or by 11:00 p.m. However, there are some exceptions where the outlets follow different operating hours.

For more information, one can use the website link mentioned before. You can not only locate the desired outlet but can also know the detailed timings of its drive-through hours and dine-in hours.


Jack’s Breakfast Hours though not as famous as their restaurant chains but one thing is for sure the menu is good to go. It is not only delicious but also quite affordable. The combos come for less that $5 while most of the other single items are also within the range of $1.99 to $4.79. We highly recommend Jack’s Breakfast Hours.

We hope that the information so far provided were beneficial. For more, visit www.eatatjacks.com.

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