What are Great Wolf Lodge Breakfast Hours? Dining Menu Deals

At Great Wolf’s indoor water parks, we all enjoy the water slides and adventures, as well as playing games. But have you considered fueling yourself with an abundant and tasty breakfast that gives the energy to enjoy all of those activities? We’ve taken care of that for you. So, here is everything you’ll need to know about Great Wolf Lodge Breakfast Hours.

Great Wolf Lodge Breakfast Hours

They have incredible breakfast items to make your morning brighter with all those delicious pancakes, omelets, drinks and other combos that are freshly prepared and served to you. So, to know the Great Wolf Lodge Breakfast timings and their breakfast menu, keep exploring the article detailed here.

Great Wolf Lodge Breakfast Hours

One of the things that is important to note during your stay at Great Wolf Lodge is timings of enjoying a delicious breakfast. And we have got all the details for you.

Well, you’ll be happy to know that Great Wolf Lodge offers their breakfast services each and every day of the week for an ample amount of time.

So, here are the precise timings of Great Wolf Lodge Breakfast Hours to take a look at.

Day of the WeekBreakfast Timings
Monday7:00 am – 10:30 am
Tuesday7:00 am – 10:30 am
Wednesday7:00 am – 10:30 am
Thursday7:00 am – 10:30 am
Friday7:00 am – 10:30 am
Saturday7:00 am – 10:30 am
Sunday7:00 am – 10:30 am

What Time Does Great Wolf Lodge Start Serving Breakfast?

The exact start time for breakfast may vary slightly depending on Great Wolf Lodge locations. But almost all the Great Wolf Lodge starts serving their Breakfast at 7:00 am in morning and continues till 10:30 am from Monday to Sunday.

Their breakfast items surely give you plenty of time to fuel up before starting day full of fun activities and water adventures. So, without missing try out their morning meal dishes today.

Great Wolf Lodge Breakfast Menu

The Great Wolf Lodge Breakfast Menu is delightful and offers a great experience to both you and your kids during morning.

You can find various combos, fries, pizzas, salads, pasta dishes and many other items that are offered at great deals and incredibly loved and enjoyed by your kids. So, check out their breakfast menu here.

Applewood Smoked Bacon
Signature Wolf Waffles
Fresh Fruits
Scrambled Eggs
Crispy Bacon
Link Sausage
Signature Wolf Waffles
Organic Yogurts
Chicken Tenders
Garlic Cheese Bread
Dunkin Donuts Coffee

Does Great Wolf Lodge Serve Breakfast All Day?

At Great Wolf Lodge breakfast is served only during specific hours each morning in the assigned timings.

Although they offer an extensive buffet-style breakfast that includes a many items like Waffles, smoked-bacon and granolas, their breakfast is offered for a limited-time in most locations. So, we suggest you to check out their timings ahead of your visit.

When Does Great Wolf Lodge Close?

Well, most of the Great Wolf Lodge locations open at 9:00 am in morning and closes by 8:00 pm at night.

So, if you find yourself craving their delicious munchies after all the adventures and fun rides, you’ll still find their restaurants open while offering food items.


So, next time you stay at Great Wolf Lodge, be sure to wake up early enough to enjoy a fun-filled experience with your family during Great Wolf Lodge Breakfast Hours. All their delightful breakfast offerings are certainly going to make your morning cheerful and positive. Have a great day everyone!

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