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All of us love to enjoy the amazing flavors of Seafood items at Pappadeaux any time. But if you are craving a delicious lunch that is composed of Seafood, Pappadeaux Lunch Hours has got you covered. And the best part about their lunch is it offers you a perfect balance between value for money and taste of food.

Pappadeaux Lunch Hours

They have various dishes on their lunch menu ranging from Fried Seafood to desserts and Cajun specialties that is prepared with a skilled technique and high-quality ingredients.

But before you plan on heading over to Pappadeaux today be certain to uncover all the information about Pappadeaux Lunch Hours, menu they offer and their closing timings in this article.

So, relax and get ready to explore the lunch timings to enjoy a savoring meal at Pappadeaux.

Pappadeaux Lunch Hours – Details

Well, timing is very important when it comes to satisfying all your mid-day cravings at Pappadeaux. So, whether you’re looking for a quick lunch or trying a new seafood dish, checkout the Pappadeaux Lunch Hours before visiting for a meal in table here.

Day of the weekLunch Hours
Monday11:00 am – 3:00 pm
Tuesday11:00 am – 3:00 pm
Wednesday11:00 am – 3:00 pm
Thursday11:00 am – 3:00 pm
Friday11:00 am – 3:00 pm
Saturday11:00 am – 3:00 pm
Sunday11:00 am – 3:00 pm

What Time Does Pappadeaux Star Serving Lunch?

Well, Pappadeaux starts serving their lunch at 11:00 am in morning and continues till 3:00 pm from Monday to Sunday every week.

This means that you can already start indulging yourselves in a wide variety of mouthwatering seafood dishes that will satisfy your lunch time cravings before the mid-noon.

So, let it be a traditional Shrimp or a Freid Seafood variety, Pappadeaux has got you covered with all of them during their lunch hours.

Pappadeaux Lunch Menu

When it comes to the Pappadeaux Lunch Menu, you can get ready to experience a great seafood adventure. This popular seafood restaurant has an extensive Lunch menu that will satisfy you in everything from Appetizers to Desserts.

You’ll find everything from fresh fried oysters to the crawfish and crab cakes. So, here is the menu with list of items Pappadeaux offers during their lunch hours.

AppetizersTraditional Shrimp Cocktail
Fried Calamari & Octopus
Crispy Alligator
Chef Selection Oysters
Oven-baked Crab Cake
Mozzarella Cheese Bites
Crab & Spinach Dip
Parmesan Crostini
Shrimp & Crawfish Fondeaux
Garlic Bread
DessertsVanilla Cheesecake
Fresh Strawberries
Key Lime Pie
Turtle Fudge Brownie
Creme Brûlée
Fried SeafoodFried Shrimp
Fried Oysters
Cajun Chicken Tenderloins
Catfish Fillets
Shrimp & Catfish Fillets
Sampler Platter
Seafood Platter
Pappadeaux Platter
Steak & Lobster
Filet Mignon Oscar
Aged Beef Ribeye
Grilled Caribbean Lobster Tail
Live Maine Lobster
Cajun SpecialtiesCrawfish Étouffée
Shrimp Étouffée
White Rice
Crawfish Platter
Blackened Catfish
Pasta Mardi Gras
Jumbo Shrimp Brochette
Grilled Half Chicken
Wild-caught Red Snapper & Jumbo Crab
Seafood Tagliatelle Pasta
Rainbow Trout & Shrimp
Mississippi Catfish Opelousas
Crispy Salmon* & Jumbo Crab
Atlantic Salmon Alexander
Giant Shrimp & Grits
Texas Redfish Pontchartrain
Soups & SaladsLouisiana Gumbo
Pappadeaux House Salad
Classic Caesar
Pappas Greek Salad
Chopped Salad
Caesar Salad
Seafood Cobb Salad

Does Pappadeaux serve Lunch All Day?

Unfortunately, Pappadeaux serves their Lunch Menu only for an ample amount of time. After their Lunch hours Pappadeaux eventually begins preparation for their dinner service.

So, make sure to plan accordingly if you want to try their mid-day specials which are available during the lunch hours.

When Does Pappadeaux Close?

When it comes to closing time of Pappadeaux, it may vary based on location and day of the week. Most of its outlets closes at 9:00 pm from Sunday to Thursday and 10:00 pm on Friday and Saturday.

That means their doors are open throughout the day and serves you an incredible food which will be worth the money.


This is all about our take on Pappadeaux Lunch Hours and the menu they offer. So, visiting Pappadeaux during its lunch hours is a worthy the money you pay.

This seafood restaurant is certainly going to offer you everything that is needed for an amazing lunchtime eating experience.

Without getting any late gather your friends and coworkers for an amazing lunch meal at Pappadeaux today!

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