Starbucks Happy Hour | Tuesday Drinks Menu Specials

If you are looking to treat your friend with a Frappuccino this evening landing into Starbucks is a great choice. You are certain to be impressed with the Starbucks Happy Hour deals and offers. Let your day be warmer or frosty, Starbucks has a wide range of coffees and teas that are suitable for any type of weather. Their happy hour is all about saving huge bucks on your favorite caffeinated drink.

Starbucks Happy Hour

The spirit of Starbucks is completely comfortable and keeps a relaxing end to your day. Make sure to bump into your local Starbucks today to enjoy coffee during their happy hour. Know more about Starbucks Happy Hour and the menu offered by them in the article detailed here.

What is Starbucks Happy Hour?

Starbucks is popular though out the world for the amazing Coffee they serve at their restaurant. The store is operational throughout the week and continues to provide service to their customers even on most of their holidays. Here are the Starbucks happy hour timings.

Day of the WeekHappy hour
MondayNo Happy hour
TuesdayNo Happy hour
WednesdayNo Happy hour
Thursday2:00 pm to 7:00 pm
FridayNo Happy hour
SaturdayNo Happy hour
SundayNo Happy hour

Although the Starbucks Happy Hour isn’t consistent throughout the week, they keep coming with their amazing deals every day. Hence make sure to check out their deals regularly to save money on your favorite items on their menu.

What Time Does Starbucks Happy Hours Start?

Starbucks Happy Hour is available only on days of a certain week. Their Happy Hour is available every Thursday from 2:00 pm in the afternoon and runs through 7:00 pm.

But this may vary highly based on the location of the store across the world. Make sure to check out their timings on their official website before you make a visit.

Starbucks Happy Hour Menu Specials

Starbucks is truly heavenly and their happy hour is undoubtedly priceless. Make sure to know about their happy hour menu, before you make a visit to the store.

You can also get amazing offers on your favorite Frappuccinos, Espresso Drinks, and Ice Teas, Starbucks also offers an amazing deal where you can get a 50 percent discount on iced drinks to reward members.

Toasted Graham LatteTall
Pumpkin Spice LatteTall
Salted Caramel MochaTall
Salted Caramel Mocha FrappuccinoTall
Half Priced FrappuccinosChai Creme Frap
Cinnamon Dolce Frap
Cinnamon Dolce Light Frap
Coffee Frap
Coffee Light Frap
Cupcake Creme Frap
Double Chocolatey Chip Creme Frap
Double Fudge Bar Creme Frap
Espresso Frap
Green Tea Creme Frap
Java Chip Frap
Java Chip Light Frap
Mocha Frap
Mocha Light Frap
Oprah Cinnamon Chai Creme Frap
Strawberries and Cream Frap
Vanilla Bean Creme Frap
White Chocolate Mocha Frap
Caramel Waffle Cone Frappuccino
Cafe Vanilla Frappuccino
Cafe Vanilla Light Frap
Caramel Cocoa Cluster Frap
Caramel Frap
Caramel Light Frap
Caramel Waffle Cone Creme Frap

How Long is Happy Hour at Starbucks?

It is true that the happy hour at Starbucks is valid precisely only for two days a week, you can always get their daily specials. Their Happy Hour offers you huge deals on All espresso-based drinks, Frappuccino Blended Beverages, seasonal drinks, iced teas, cold coffees, and handcrafted beverages. Make sure to try them out next time you visit the store.

How to find my nearest Starbucks?

Locating your nearest Starbucks in a highly populated city without a phone can be a huge task. But here are a few simple steps to locate your nearest Starbucks.

  1. The first step always starts with opening your google chrome, All you have to do is search by the title “How to find my nearest Starbucks?” in the search box of your browser.
  2. Now use the top result or click on the link here Starbucks Locations.
  3. Then this link takes you into the store locator feature which helps you in navigating your nearest store.
  4. You can also find out information about your nearest Starbucks using their official website store locator.


Almost everyone is a fan of Starbucks Coffee! The Starbucks Happy Hour Deals and offers are pretty ideal for everyone and can save you a huge amount on your favorite drinks during any time of the day.

Starbucks Happy Hour is an amazing deal, even though it occurs once or twice a week.I would love to hear more of your thoughts and ideas about this. Let me know more about it in the comment section below.

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