Waffle House Breakfast Hours | Full Menu Options

Are you craving a healthy and delicious meal at a place that also offers various options to relish on this morning? Well, then this article on Waffle House Breakfast Hours is here for you. With their mouthwatering waffles, crispy bacon, juices and perfectly scrambled eggs, your breakfast meal is going to be surely heavenly.

Waffle House Breakfast Hours

Everything they serve is prepared with fresh ingredients and composed of tasty meat options which are cooked to perfection. So, grab your coffee and phone to read more about Waffle House Breakfast Hours to enjoy your breakfast culinary adventure.

Waffle House Breakfast Hours

So, Waffle House is open throughout the week and provides you their excellent service. Although, exact timing may vary most Waffle House restaurants open their doors to serve their breakfast plates. Here are the precise details of Waffle House Breakfast Hours to know ahead.

Day of the weekBreakfast Hours
Monday24 Hours
Tuesday24 Hours
Wednesday24 Hours
Thursday24 Hours
Friday24 Hours
Saturday24 Hours
Sunday24 Hours

What Time Does Waffle House Start Serving Breakfast?

Waffle House starts serving their mouthwatering breakfast delights early in the morning and continues to serve all day and also night.

So, wake up early and we promise that you will love to kickstart your day with delicious options like Waffles and Hashbrowns.

When Does Waffle House Stop serving Breakfast?

Waffle House serves their breakfast items all day long which means let it be early morning or late at night, you can always count on Waffle House.

So, visit them to satisfy your stomach with various breakfast options anytime.

Waffle House Breakfast Menu

If you’re wondering what the Waffle House Breakfast Menu consists of, here’s what you need to know. Their Breakfast Menu has more than just Waffles.

You can find many dishes like scrambled eggs, Bacon, Ham and much more. So, take a look at the table detailed here to know items.

Waffles  Classic Waffle
Pecan Waffle
Chocolate Chip Waffle
Breakfasts and Bowls  T-Bone & Egg Breakfast
Sirloin & Egg Breakfast
Country Ham & Egg Breakfast
Sausage, Egg & Cheese Bowl
Bacon, Egg & Cheese Bowl
Ham, Egg & Cheese Bowl
Omelets  Cheese Omelet
Ham Omelet
Fiesta Omelet
Cheesesteak Omelet
Biscuits, Melts and Sandwiches  Sausage, Egg & Cheese Sandwich
Texas Sausage, Egg & Cheese Melt
Texas Egg, & Cheese Melt
Sausage, Egg & Cheese Biscuit
Bacon, Egg & Cheese Biscuit
Chicken Biscuits
Ham Biscuits (Country/ City)
City Ham
Country Ham
DrinksOrange Juice
Chocolate Milk
Soft Drinks
Hot Tea
Hot Chocolate

Does Waffle House Serve Breakfast All Day?

Well, answer is Yes! One of the things that you will like about Waffle House is that they serve their breakfast all day long.

That means you can indulge yourselves in your favorite items from their breakfast Menu any time of the day.

When Does Waffle House Close?

Thankfully, Waffle House remains open 24 hours a day and offers its services each and every day of the week. Although their check-in and check-out timings may vary based on location, you are always welcome to stop by whenever you are craving something delicious and hot.


So, these are all the important details about Waffle House Breakfast Hours. They understand all your traditional breakfast cravings and offers you a great experience during your stay. Go ahead and satisfy your hunger with tasty items at Waffle House today!

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